High-Performance Flex Datagrid

Developed for the performance-critical banking sector, the datagrid is a visualization component capable of handling thousands of deeply-nested data changes each second while maintaining responsiveness.


Hierarchical List

When working with dynamic hierarchical models such as client portfolios and price band groupings, it became critical to develop a new structure capable of mapping these models into a linear, flattened list. Out of this came the Hierarchical List, scaling gracefully to large numbers of objects.

About Me

Kinesis Software was established in 2002 as an specialised R&D company. The first product was KineticFusion, a Flash development and production tool that included an incremental ActionScript 2.0 compiler and decompiler. This was sold commercially for 2 years before all rights were purchased by QDC technologies.

When not working with clients, I enjoy working on speculative projects. In 2012, I created a high-performance datagrid for Flex 3.x and 4.x, and a fast-access, index-based list for Hierarchical data models.

With the increasing marginalisation of Flash and Flex, my interests have moved to the new generation of Reactive technologies on both client- and server-side. The combination of immutability with Bacon/RxJS and React on the client, and isomorphic JS/Play/Akka/vert.x on the server opens up an intriguing range of options for productivity, performance and scalability for new applications.

Thanks for visiting.

Alex Bradley