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1 KineticFusion Overview

KineticFusion is an application for the creation and manipulation of SWF files, the native format for movies that run within the Flash™ platform. Using an XML vocabulary developed by Kinesis Software called Rich Vector Markup Language (RVML), all the capabilities of the SWF format are supported, for all Flash Player versions up to Version 7, including FlashLite. In addition to representing the capabilities of the low-level SWF format, RVML 3.0 provides additional features and capabilities permitting developers to easily customize and simplify the design and of Rich Internet Applications.

The power of KineticFusion lies in the many possibilities for the analysis, manipulation, and creation of RVML by experienced developers familiar with XML and vector processing technologies. There are many potential applications for KineticFusion, including:

  • SWF creation for ActionScript-based Flash movies - our fast optimizing ActionScript compiler has a unique caching technology making sub-second compilation possible when compiling applications using the KineticFusion GUI
  • Configurable ActionScript class analyzer for comprehensive semantic checks on all ActionScript classes
  • External XML representation of Flash movies allows easy version control of Flash content.
  • Movies can be automatically generated using scripts to produce different movies for different display devices.
  • Movies can be easily converted to and from different SWF version formats.
  • RVML symbols can be converted to other XML-based vector formats such as MXML, SVG, and XAML.
  • SWF movies can be created with dynamic content offline.
  • Intelligent naming of symbols allows easy identification and reuse of important SWF assets.
  • Valuable assets can be retrieved from an SWF movie without any corresponding project file being available.
  • Localization and internationalization can be carried out automatically using standard XML tools.
  • Text can be easy extracted for use in Indexing Engines.
  • Text and fonts in existing SWF movies can be easily changed
  • SWFs can be optimized by reducing the size of embedded resources, simplifying vector assets, and removing existing ActionScript classes
  • Existing vector data (e.g. GML mapping data) can be easily converted to SWF format using the RVML representation