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7 SWF Movie Concepts

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7.9 Importing and Exporting Symbols

7.9.1 Exporting Symbols

Symbols stored in an SWF can be referenced by other SWFs. To enable this, each symbol can be exported, which defines an explicit symbol name for the name that can be imported by other SWFs. In addition, by explicitly exporting a MovieClip symbol and giving it a name, instances of the symbol can be created and manipulated dynamically using ActionScript without having to explicit manipulate the symbol using timeline operations.

7.9.2 Import Symbols

Symbols that are exported in an SWF can also be imported in other SWFs. The name (or, possibly, the entire URL) of the source SWF is specified along with the symbol name is specified. Using this mechanism, it is possible to libraries of shared SWF symbols that can be reused by multiple SWFs.