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8 Working With RVML Documents

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8.5 Building the SWF Movie

There are several ways of compiling an RVML document to SWF. In the GUI File Explorer, the RVML document can be selected and the menu option 'Compile To SWF' selected from either the context menu of the main 'Run' menu. By default, KineticFusion creates an output SWF document in the same folder with the same document name as the RVML document but with a '.swf' extension. To explicitly selection the output folder and SWF name, the 'Compile To...' menu option can be selected instead.

Alternatively, the RVML document can be compiled on the command line using the command-line switches. For all platforms the following command will compile an RVML file to SWF:

java -jar <Kinetic Fusion Install Dir>/KFDeveloper.jar -r -f myRVML.vml -o mySWF.swf

replacing the location of the KineticFusion installation folder, and the name of the RVML.

Finally, RVML documents can be compiled using the Ant build system.

For more information on the command line and Ant options, please see the next section 'Automating the Build Process'.