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8 Working With RVML Documents

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8.2 Importing and Exporting Symbols

8.2.1 Exporting Symbols

Symbols within an RVML document can exported for both ActionScript access and for importing by other SWFs. To make the symbol accessible it must be identified with a symbol name, assigned using the RVML ExportSymbol element.

When a MovieClip symbol is exported, it can be used by ActionScript functions such as MovieClip.attachMovie(). This creates a new instance of the symbol and is not the same as referencing an instance of a symbol using the instance name that was assigned when placing the symbol on a timeline stage.

8.2.2 Importing Symbols

Exported symbols in SWF movies can be imported for use within a different SWF movie by importing the specified symbol. In RVML, this is represented by the ImportSymbol element. When the SWF is execute the external SWF library that contains the imported symbol is loaded and the symbol is associated with the specified import name.

All imported MovieClip symbols are also automatically available for use within ActionScript functions.