RVML Overview

RVML is a text representation of the SWF format, similar in structure to HTML. The powerful RVML representation allows KineticFusion users almost unlimited power to analyse, create and manipulate Flash movies using both simple text editors and sophicated programming tools.


An RVML overview and complete reference can be found in the online documentation. Additional reference information is also available in the downloaded evaluation.


KineticFusion 3.0 adds powerful new features to RVML including:

  • Full support for defining SWC components to be included in an output SWF
  • Users can now import external data from XML files, Java classes, or text files to RVML documents when they are being translated to SWF, enabling SWF movies to be customized dynamically.
  • The powerful features of the FreeMarker Template Engine are now available inside RVML templates and RVML attribute values.
  • Users can add new XML extensions to the RVML language to implement new features and shortcuts in the language while also enabling native support for other languages such as SVG, XUL and XAML.
  • The Java source code for the KineticFusion RVML processor along with the documentation on the KineticFusion public API is distributed with KineticFusion to help users create their own KineticFusion extensions.