In addition to support all the features of the Developer Edition including interactive development, RVML Tag Library extensions and dynamic data, the Server Edition provides the following features:

Main Features

  • Multiple instances of the server component can be instantiated and run concurrently
  • Configuration values for the Server component can be modified programmatically for all Server instances or different configuration values can be specified for different execution threads. Configuration values can be configured individually.
  • RVML documents can be converted to SWF by providing the RVML as a stream or by generating the document using SAX events. This enables any DOM implementation to be used as an RVML source.
  • Decompiled RVML can be written to an output stream or to a SAX content handler object that can be used build an internal DOM or other user model.
  • External resources embedded in SWF movies can be provided by a user-specified resource locator. Multiple resource locators can be used for a single document and each is identified by a unique resource ID in RVML.
  • Logging output can be captured by a specified log stream or user raw logging events
  • ActionScript classes can be pre-cached and analyzed. All analysis log output is returned as discrete log objects.
  • Provides full Javadoc for the Server API and a set of working examples for ilustration

More detailed information can be found in the online/installation documentation.