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9 Working with ActionScript

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9.5.2 Integrating Classes into RVML

ActionScript classes that are directly referenced by any embedded scripts using either static references or by creating class instances are automatically included. Additionally all dependent classes are also analyzed and included automatically. Including unreferenced classes

While the automatic selection of included classes is normally sufficient for most instances it is also possible to manually specify additional classes that must be also be included in the output SWF. This is extremely useful in environments where classes are referenced using reflection. With reflective techniques, the compiler is unable to identify the referenced class so the class must be explicitly referenced. Unreferenced classes are included using the RVML IncludeClass element. The referenced class and all dependent classes will be processed and included as if they were explicitly referenced from within ActionScript. Excluding referenced classes

It is also possible to explicitly exclude classes and packages of classes from being included in the output SWF. This is useful for building movies that the user know will be loaded by another SWF that already contains the specified classes. Classes and packages are excluded with the RVML ExcludeClass element. These classes are still compiled by KineticFusion and used for all semantic checking of other classes however they will not be stored in the SWF. Configuration options

The following Configuration options are specific to ActionScript 2.0 processing. Class Path Options


This is the normally used to locate all intrinsic AS2.0 classes referenced by user RVML documents, including V2 Component classes. Error reporting is relaxed for classes parsed from this location.


This is the location of all user AS2.0 classes referenced by user RVML documents.


Should file systems be checked before every compilation? When true, new classes added to any of the defined class paths will not be picked up automatically. Class Caching Options


Should AS 2.0 classes be reparsed for each document? When true, a class is cached within KineticFusion unless the class file or one of its dependents is modified (memory-permitting). Trace Statement Options


When defined, this option specifies the script fragment to substitute for all ActionScript 2.0 trace statements Class Property Options


Will AS2.0 'set' methods return an implicit value? This is the default behavior of the Macromedia compiler but serves no known purpose. Class Logging options


Should KineticFusion output warning messages when analysing AS2.0 classes?


Should a list of all AS2.0 classes that have been retrieved from cache be logged?


Should a list of all AS2.0 classes that are directly compiled be logged?


Should a list of all AS2.0 classes loaded into a destination movie be logged?