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9 Working with ActionScript

KineticFusion Developer Edition supports both AS 1.0 and AS2.0 development paradigms. RVML document written using AS2.0 can be run on all Flash Version 6 players and higher. If you are targeting Flash Player 5 support, then AS1.0 must be used. AS2.0 provides full support for ActionScript classes and semantic checking and is recommended for must users. Regardless of which coding paradigm is used, all ActionScript is represented in SWF using the same representation with only a few exceptions (see ActionScript 1.0 Synthetic Functions).
When using AS2.0 support, the KineticFusion compiler will automatically ensure that all required classes are included in output SWF movies and automatically create all necessary class MovieClip objects. When using AS1.0, the developer must ensure that all classes and class objects are defined explicitly in RVML. This can be useful if the developer requires total control over the implementation of classes, but it is not recommended that this technique is used for development environments as AS2.0 provides enhanced error detection and dependency analysis. For production systems, the SWF created using AS2.0 can be converted to RVML in AS1.0 syntax and manually optimised.