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9 Working with ActionScript

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9.1 Embedding ActionScript

The simplest way of adding ActionScript to an RVML document is by explicitly embedding the script under one of the four ActionScript-related RVML elements:

The embedded scripts can be either ActionScript 1.0 or ActionScript 2.0 - the ActionScript level is determined by the configuration setting kinesis.actionscript.analyzeScripts. This global setting can be overridden on a per-document basis using the ActionScriptSettings element. When interpreted as AS1.0 no external ActionScript classes are compiled into the output movie and regardless of references within the embedded scripts. KineticFusion will assume that any referenced classes are also defined as embedded ActionScript elsewhere in the document.

When interpreted as AS2.0, all references to ActionScript classes are resolved automatically by the KineticFusion ActionScript compiler and the classes are automatically embedded in the output SWF. Referencing ActionScript classes from embedded scripts is the primary means by which the ActionScript classes used by an SWF are identified. The only other mechanism is by explicitly identifying classes using the IncludeClass element of ActionScriptSettings. There is more information on this setting in the Referencing External ActionScript section.