SWC Component Support

SWC components are the basis of the latest component model for creating SWF movies. SWC components are compiled MovieClip objects that encapsulate a single concept of a component. KineticFusion now provides full support for SWC components both in compilation and decompilation.

Main Features

  • Components can be declared in RVML documents and are automatically compiled into a resulting SWF movie
  • All classes stored inside a component are automatically added to the compilation class path
  • Common resources from multiple components are merged on output
  • Components can be manipulated on a timeline the same as a MovieClip symbol
  • KineticFusion will locate SWC components on multiple user-specified paths
  • All component resources located when translating SWF to RVML can be identified, removed, and replaced with a Component reference
  • Example external tag library for handling components allows component-based UIs to be specified declaratively (see Tag Libraries example) and can be used as the basis for building sophisticated component-oriented extensions.

View Component Examples


More detailed information can be found in the installation documentation.