User-Defined Tag Libraries

There are many XML vocabularies for representing graphics and Rich Client applications including SVG, XAML and XUL. Rather that extend the RVML dialect to encompass each of these dialects, the KineticFusion application supports new RVML extensions from other XML namespaces. Developers can use the portions of RVML that meets their current needs and add new namespace handlers to implements extensions that are desired within RVML or that exist in other XML dialects.

Main Features

  • Fully-documented public API for KineticFusion
  • Full-documented source code for the KineticFusion RVML processor is distributed with KineticFusion so developers can see how the existing RVML features are implemented
  • All existing RVML element handlers can be sub-classed quickly to augment their functionality
  • Simple, well-defined infrastructure for creating and loading external handlers
  • Each handler is externally-mapped to a unique XML namespace so multiple extensions can easily co-exist
  • A single handler can handle multiple namespaces

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More detailed information can be found in the installation documentation.