Dynamic Data Support

It is now possible to parameterize RVML documents with external data sources. These data sources can be defined in external documents, on the command-line or with user-specified Java objects permitting access to application and/or database information at compile time. Instead of using complex external XSLT transformations, developers can now take advantage of native inline transformations.

Main Features

  • Import data into an RVML document from external XML documents
  • Reference external XML data using full XPath expressions
  • Import data from Java property files
  • Import data from user-defined JavaBean objects
  • Parameterize RVML documents from the command-line
  • Combine multiple data-sources for a single RVML document
  • Access dynamic data using inbuilt Attribute Expression Language
  • Use inline or external template documents providing full access to all defined data sources
  • Templating features use the powerful Freemarker Template Engine
  • Full documentation on the Attribute Expression Language and templates provided

Dynamic RVML Examples



More detailed information can be found in the installation documentation.