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This element specifies the text of one or more MovieClip event handlers attached to the current MovieClip instance on the active timeline. All ActionScript must be enclosed in onClipEvent() handlers. Movies of version 6 and upwards can also attach button event handlers to MovieClips.

A new event type is introduced in RVML called setParameters. An event handler for this event type will be called once only when the handler is defined and the handler can define object properties and methods associated with the MovieClip instance before the class constructor is called. In effect, this can be used to set parameters used in the constructor. Event Handlers for 'load' events are called after the constructor is called.

By default the script is expected as element content however the use of the optional 'src' attribute permits an external script to be identified using a URL. If this is specified then all element content is ignored.

Consult documentation on ActionScript for more information on scripting.


src Optional attribute indicating the URL from which to read the script.

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